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Jimi Hendrix lights his guitar on fire, Monterey Pop Festival 1967

"Jimi Hendrix did not initially find success in his home country so he left for England in Sept. 1966 after an invitation from The Animal’s bass player Chas Chandler who saw Hendrix perform at a New York club and thought the audience in England might be more receptive to his eclectic music. While there, Hendrix formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience with a bass and drum player and released UK singles “Hey Joe” and “Purple Haze,” as well as his debut album “Are You Experienced?” Seeing that his popularity was rising, Hendrix returned to the US a year later to play at the Monterey Pop Festival. There, he performed a legendary set that ended with him lighting his guitar on fire; an act that would go on to become one of the defining moments in rock history."

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